Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Cute and quick!

Here's a cute and quick free pattern! I just got my business cards and decided I needed a cute holder :) It's a simple pattern that can be easily finished in 1 - 2 hours. Download PDF

Business Card Cozy


35 yards of any fingering/sport weight yarn
1 yard of another color yarn of similar weight
US size 2 circulars, any length
Finished Measurements
Length 4”
Width 2.5”

This project is knit in the round using the magic loop, starting at the bottom and working up.

CO a total of 36sts (18sts per needle) using Judy’s Magic Cast On.
Knit in the round for 4” (place a marker at the beginning of the round)
On the last round slip the very last stitch purlwise – do not knit it.
BO 24sts purlwise fairly snug, slip the last BO stitch back to LN and k2tog, k5 and continue to BO purlwise to EOR. Cut yarn

There should still be 6 sts remaining on your needle.
Starting on the RS, rejoin yarn and knit strap as follows:
*Row 1: ssk m1L k2 m1r k2tog
Row 2: s1pw p4 s1pw*
Repeat Rows 1 and 2, 4x
Row 11: ssk m1L k1 yo twice k1 m1r k2tog
Row 12: s1pw p2 drop one of the yo’s and purl the other p2 s1pw
Row 13: ssk m1L k3 m1r k2tog
Row 14: BO knitwise

Place button in center of stitches, 8 rows down. Block and then embroider your own design! 

2012 Copyright illumiknit designs. Alisha Bright. All rights reserved.

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